Knock, knock! Christmas is already here! Have you ever wondered how digital nomads, travelers and remote workers spend their holiday season?

For digital nomads, Christmas is not only the time for gift-giving and eating yummy food, but also time for traveling and working. It’s true that nomadic lifestyle can be overwhelming during Christmas season, but it doesn’t have to be for you. 

Whether you’re going home to spend some time with your loved ones or  planning to go for a trip to a new destination, we’re here to make your holiday more fun!

Visit a New Place

When, if not during the Christmas holidays is the best time to plan a trip? Travel agencies offer hot deals and discounts, hotels and airlines offer a variety of options so that you can make your trip memorable. This is your snowiest chance to explore new places and cultures. Christmas and New Year holidays are celebrated almost everywhere, yet every country celebrates them in its own way. Wander around and feel the diversity of cultures and customs for yourself!

Best Travel Destinations for Digital Nomads for Christmas

If you’ve decided to travel to a new place during holidays season and don’t know where to go, we’ve got you covered. To free you from the stress of thinking, we’ve compiled a short list of cities that are definitely worth a visit. These cities are great for Christmas time travel because you can explore a new culture, enjoy picturesque landscapes and get your work done with a light Christmas mood!

  • Zagreb, Croatia

If you’re for spending Christmas in European way, then traveling to Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, is your go-to choice. For three consecutive years, Zagreb is on the top of the Best Christmas markets list, based on votes of thousands of travelers.

Zagreb Christmas Market, Image Source

Zagreb has all you need for a perfect Christmas holiday as a digital nomad – a friendly and festive atmosphere, variety of co-working spaces, concerts and events, affordable prices and great food.

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Many digital nomads live and work in Thailand on a regular basis, and it’s one of the popular destinations for them. And while Christmas isn’t a traditional holiday in Thailand, it’s still largely celebrated. As a digital nomad you’d love Chiang Mai. It’s an ancient city and offers a lot to see and do. As you walk around the city, you’ll definitely feel the festive spirit of Christmas in every corner. Chiang Mai is also among the favorite spots for digital nomads to live and work, so you won’t have a trouble finding what you need. Besides, you can connect with a larger DN community in Thailand. DN gatherings are always fun, especially during holiday season! 🙂

Lantern Festival, Image Source

  • Marrakech, Marocco

When it comes to where to spend Christmas holidays, Marocco, most probably, isn’t the first to come to your mind, right? However, if you wanna get away from snow and cold weather, Marrakech can be a great choice for you. Thanks to the sunny weather and diversity of cultures and landscapes, Morocco gradually becomes one of the most popular destinations to spend Christmas and New Year season, especially for travelers from countries with cold weather.

Marrakech, Image Source

What is also great about Marrakech is the availability of comfortable and accessible co-working spaces. So if during your trip you need to find a quiet place to work, Marocco will be your go-to.

  • Nantucket, US

Nantucket is a great travel destination for digital nomads during summer time. But what about winter? Christmas is another perfect time to visit this city. It’s famous for its Christmas Stroll, where you can shop for holiday gifts and participate in events taking place on the Main Street. Besides, this relaxed and cozy city will be ideal to spend your working hours, sitting in one of the coffeeshops and enjoying the Christmas spirit.

Nantucket, Image Source

Besides, every year the Christmas Stroll has a theme. This time, the event is under theme “A Beautiful Stroll in the Neighborhood” to commemorate the anniversary of Mister Rogers Neighborhood on PBS.

  • Taos, New Mexico

To have a truly unique and memorable Christmas, think about visiting Taos in New Mexico. The city completely changes during the holiday season and you will find yourself in the multicultural center. The celebrations are largely influenced by the prevailing Native American and Hispanic traditions. You can participate in various activities taking place during the holiday season in Taos. One of such notable activities is the Christmas tree lighting which includes singing of carols and arrival of Santa Claus.

The best part is that Taos has a variety of co-working spaces where you can work on your project and collaborate with other digital nomads. Before visiting this city, make sure to find your fellow nomads there. Who said you should be spending your time alone?

5 Tips for Nomadic Travel During Christmas

1. Book earlier

As a digital nomad you know all the hassle it takes with last-minute reservations. So, if you’re planning to spend Christmas holidays somewhere new, make sure you’ve prepared everything beforehand. The last thing you want is to find out that you’ve confused the dates of your Airbnb booking. Besides, flight and accommodation can be highly expensive during the Christmas time. By planning everything beforehand you not only free yourself from stress and hassle, but also save money.

2. Use videocalls to connect with your loved ones

While traveling to a new place is great, you don’t want to miss the joy of being with your friends and family. Fortunately, technology allows us to connect despite the distance, so take the advantage! This year be the first to call your loved ones and celebrate Christmas with them using one of many available conferencing apps.

And the best part, you don’t have to worry about the background noise which is widespread and prominent during the holiday season. Simply turn on Krisp app, and let it perform its magic. The app will remove all background noise from your calls and leave perfectly clean human voices.

3. Ship gifts

Christmas time means time for gift-giving! If you’re far away from your loved ones, it doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them with a special holiday gift. The best option is to ship gifts to your family and friends. Just make sure you’ve done all the shipment procedures in advance and have checked the last posting dates with your carrier. No one likes gifts that are weeks late. Besides, it’s an additional stress factor for you. And if you’re still thinking what to buy for your fellow nomads, we have a list of best techy tools that your friends will love.

4. Look for places to work

Travel is great, but as a digital nomad you also have some work to do. In order not to find yourself in a confused situation, make sure to research all the available co-working spaces in the city you’re traveling to. This will save lots of time and energy for you afterwards. Besides, this step will help you to better choose the accommodation. Surely, it’s better to find a living place near some coffeeshop or co-working space. This way you can always have a place to work productively when you need to, all while enjoying and exploring the new destination.

5. Take a break

Finally, digital nomads also need rest! Often times it’s easy to get into routine of work and travel that you forget to take time for yourself to simply relax and enjoy the moment. The benefit of being a digital nomad is that you’re your own boss, which also comes with the responsibility you have towards yourself. Encourage yourself to take break from time to time and simply enjoy your travels. After all Christmas holiday season is the perfect time just for that. Close your laptop, turn off your phone, and just go to local Christmas market. Buy yourself something new! And if you need some shopping inspiration, we have something special for you.